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Attention, New York massive! Take up your glowsticks, brush off those UFOs and dance to the … silence?

Beginning at precisely 6:17pm this evening, b boys, pop n’ lockers and your Uncle Joe are all invited to don their iPod headphones and boogie down in Union Square during the Silent Rave. These toe-tapping public spectacles have spread across Europe and now across the pond. What’s best about the concept is that there appears to be no pedantic message other than for lots of people to get off their butts and have a good time together. So rave it up, kiddies!

Silent Rave takes place tonight, April 18th, from 6:15-11pm in Union Square. Free. Bring your own music and headphones and pack a carefree spirit.


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The only thing better than pummeling both friends and strangers with a feather-puffed pillow is doing it in the middle of Union Square. In its third year, Pillow Fight NYC encourages participants to pack their fluffiest pillows and head to 14th Street for a no-holds-barred brawl that sends adrenaline surging and unleashes at least a billion and one smiles. Only soft pillows allowed and participants should stay behind to help clean up the aftermath.

Maybe all the world leaders need to get in on this action to get their aggressions out. Pillow fighting: Making our world more fun, one feather at a time.

Heads up: This event isn’t until Saturday, March 22nd at 3pm.

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