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First of all, apologies for not having written for a while. The city’s events just done dried up!

Yeah, right; like that would ever happen. Rather, numerous cumbersome obligations tied up my typing fingers for a bit. But I’m back, and have I got a good one for you!

The Tribeca Film Festival winds down this weekend, but there are still plenty of marvelous motion pictures to wrap your mind around. One of which just so happens to be directed by one of my best friends, burgeoning director Engi Wassef. Marina of the Zabbaleen weaves the tale of a precocious and super-aware little girl growing up in the world’s largest recycling community right in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. The story follows Marina and her family’s hardships and hopes amidst the trash heaps. With an enchanting score both mournful and beautiful and an effective juxtapose of jarring and inspirational imagery, Marina opens the audience to a world unlike any other.

Marina of the Zabbaleen plays tonight, May 1, at 6:45. Rush tickets available. Click here for showtimes and to buy tickets.


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