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Where but NYC could you be invited to a “Drive In” with no expectation that you will actually drive to the event? As a part of the always much anticipated Tribeca Film Festival, moviegoers are invited to park their tuckuses at he World Financial Center for three outdoor screenings of the family-friendly variety. This year, the best of the bunch is Thriller Night, a screening of Michael Jackson’s epic video and a behind-the-scenes look into just how the musical masterpiece was made. So pull up a lawn chair and veg out under the stars.

Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In takes place Thursday, April 24th through Saturday April 26th. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with programs beginning at 7:30 and screenings at 8. Free.


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Don’t ignore the white elephant in the room! Or the LED princess wands. Or the feather headdress. Or the … wait, where am I? No, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore … thank GOD!

You’re at one of THE parties of the year. The Bizarre Bazaar, a schmorgasboard of camaraderie, calamity and candor conceived by a few of the most twisted and creative minds I’ve ever encountered. Stumble your way to Porch next Saturday, April 12. Take a deep breath and pray it will be your last … no, your first, as you become a part of one of the most interesting birthday shindigs I’ve been witness to.

For the noobs, this is the annual Dancing Rams birthday party, in honor of “Aries Gone Wild” Wendy and Nora, and it is a do-not-miss event, introducing you to some of the weirdest traditions that make you go “hmmm.” And then “ooo.” Then “OH YEAH … YAY!”

Curious? You should be.

Grab a wig, a boa (feather or constrictor) and come.on.down.

Bizarre Bazaar takes place Saturday, April 12th from 2pm to 10pm at Porch, 115 Ave C (Between 7th & 8th). 212.475.1515.

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Cloudy morning got you feeling bloody glum? Not to worry, chap! Cheer up with a hearty dose of … um, heart. Tartan Week, Scotland’s tourism promotion, arrives to bag-piping fanfare, bringing with it a street cart dishing out free haggis to daring diners. What’s haggis, you ask? A sausage-like dish not for the faint of “heart”:

There are many recipes, most of which have in common the following ingredients: sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.

Sounds pretty offal.

The “Eat Like a Scot” free haggis cart is operating Friday, April 4th & Saturday, April 5th, 11am-5pm at the corner of 52nd Street & Broadway.

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Magic mushrooms, semen-spewing sculpture and Louis Vuitton bags all find a home at the Brooklyn Museum starting this weekend. © MURAKAMI delves into the career and psyche of famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, taking the viewer on a colorful journey from the artist’s beginnings to his epic collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Murakami pioneered the Superflat movement, a school of art based heavily on otaku culture, the often cult-like world of anime and manga, and the Japanese tradition of the wood block print (of which there is also an exhibit). This Saturday is also Target First Saturdays at the museum, offering free admission, programs and even a dance party that runs late into the night. I suggest you  check out the taiko drumming. Get there early for free tickets to the various programs.

I caught this exhibit at the MOCA in LA and it’s incredible. Don’t miss it!

© MURAKAMI opens Saturday, April 5th. Click here for tickets and directions.

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With crocuses poking up and green buds dotting long dormant trees, Spring is the perfect season to reacquaint yourself with the nooks and crannies of Central Park. This Saturday, explore the less traversed realms of CP with the Central Park Conservancy‘s Manhattan Adirondacks tour. Meander for an hour through the North Woods as a guide describes how the park’s architects, Olmstead and Vaux, designed this section of the park with the same topography and flora as New York’s mountainous region. So get out and smell the fresh air.

Free. Saturday, March 29th at 10am. Call 212-860-1370 for directions.

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So much art, so little time! Eight international art fairs — including the world famous Armory Art Show — and countless other small shows, auctions and gallery exhibits explode onto the scene with the latest and greatest from the art world.

The plethora of parties and paintings could just make you want to scream. Fear not, patrons! Our friends at Artlog put together this handy-dandy guide that will have your friends thinking you’ve got an MFA hidden up your sleeve. Check out the happenings section for super discounts and in-the-know offers for VIP sneak previews and afterparties. The Bridge Art Fair Opening Party and the Diva Block Party (both tomorrow night) sound especially tantalizing.

Just a reminder: Some of the greatest (and most affordable) art you’ll find this weekend will be in the smaller galleries speckled throughout the city. One such show is “Body Shop” put on by Mezze. The show features figurative works by Kiran Chandra, Debasish Manna, Grace Yung Ting Teng and Baseem Rayyes, and the price range prove quite comfortable for the first time investor. Check out “Body Shop” at Karin Kohlberg Studio (3 West 30th St., Suite 4) on Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm.

See you there, daaaaaahlings.

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The green fairy flitters into the LES tomorrow at a free absinthe tasting at East Wine & Village Liquors. From 5-8pm, the feel-good vendors will be pouring samples of the dangerous elixir. Watch out, because I know from personal experience that absinthe is not a force to be reckoned with. While the US-approved version of the highly potent liquor lacks the hallucinogenic properties that supposedly provoked Van Gogh’s battle with his ear, a steep alcohol content can still leave you seeing double. But isn’t the world a nicer place through green colored glasses?

The tasting will feature French brand Le Tourment Vert, which actually includes the infamous ingredient wormwood. Reviews have noted minty overtones to the usually anise-flavored beverage.

East Village Wine & Liquors is located at 183 Stanton St.

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