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It’s freakin’ gorgeous out! In honor of the first day of outdoor drinking weather, here’s a quick list of the city’s beer gardens. Bottoms up!


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Mansion, the new megalounge (read: bottle service heaven) filling the old Crobar space, hopes to add a touch of class to clubbing with the opening of powerHouse Library, tonight at 10pm. The nightlife impresarios behind the venture teamed up with ubercoolisch publishers powerHouse books to create a literary haven from the throbbing beats below. So snag a copy of Bright Lights, Big City and try to counterbalance all those brain cells you would normally lose in a club like this.

Mansion is located at 530 W. 28th St. (10th & 11th Aves.). Doors open at 10pm. (212.629.9000)

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Initiate some wine-fueled wanderings with an evening at Nomad, the East Village North African-French eatery. In celebration of its second anniversary, Nomad is offering a selection of Algerian wines to the wallet-friendly tune of $12 a bottle. With a high alcohol content, these wines are sure to get you Mo-rockin’ in now time. Add a few $5 mezze plates and abracadabra! A cheap, romantic and buzz-filled date.

Put that in your hookah and smoke it!

Nomad is located at 78 2nd Ave between 4th and 5th Streets. (212) 253-5410. Wine special runs today through April 20th.

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Faux fur, faux-mo .. but Faux Punk???

Possibly the world’s first space-robot-electronic-French-Kanye-co-producing cover band (well, “DJ”s), Faux Punk capitalizes on the rave-tastic popularity of Gallic electronica duo Daft Punk to offer you the awesome music without a nauseas price tag. Unfortunately, if you are looking for Coney Island circa last summer, you aren’t going to find it here. But for a lot less than the long subway ride and a $30 mark-up, you’ll find a pumping night of four-four beats. I’m not sure how I feel about duos/bands that cover what are essentially DJs/producers. Probably not good. But if you go into it with a smile and up for something different, the output will be bien.

Faux Punk performs Friday, March 7th and the Williansburg Music Hall. Check out Ticketmaster for tickets (I know … fee, WTF!?!?!). Music hall directions and info here.

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Sake to Me: Free sake tasting

Sake, sake, sake BOMB! Actually, don’t dare utter those words at this special free sake tasting event on Thursday, March 6th (tomorrow). Milk Gallery hosts Rick and Hiroko Smith of NYC’s premiere sake shop, Sakaya, as they enlighten sippers about that delicate Japanese rice-wine drink. Five sakes from several regions of Japan will be featured.

Space is limited; RSVP to shinjoitoevents@dcinyc.com. Event begins at 6pm. For more info about the event, click here. Milk Gallery is located at 450 W. 15th St. (212) 645-2797.

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This evening, the Museum of Arts & Design (formerly the more colloquial American Craft Museum) raises a glass to the … well, to the glass! Enjoy a talk from associate curator Jennifer Scanlan on the item that makes all our elegantly wasted nights possible, the goblet — that loveliest of stemware.

The evening is part of the MAD’s current exhibit “Cheers! A MAD Colleection of Goblets” and will feature a wine tasting to use those chalices for what the do best: getting us drunk.

Talk begins at 6:30 at the Museum of Arts and Design, 40 W 53rd St between Fifth Ave and Sixth Ave.

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