While I covered this exhibit in my post on the Guggenheim’s last Art After Dark, I finally was able to catch this exhibit myself yesterday. DO NOT MISS IT! The Gugg’s audio tour makes the art extremely accessible and the execution is mesmerizing. Since word has obviously gotten out about the exhibit, try to go very early in the day or on a weekday if possible; the lines were atrocious yesterday afternoon. Better yet, grab a friend with a membership or a corporate ID to skip the mayhem.

Cai Guo Qiang’s “I Want to Believe” runs through May 28.


Umami, often referred to as the fifth taste, defies description, confuddles taste buds and often casts off convention in a variety of meals. Aptly, the taste bestows its name to a new festival starting this week in New York, the Umami Festival. Starting tomorrow and lasting through April 18th, Umami: Food and Art tries to capture that hard to define space between the gastronomic and the aesthetic, where the things we consume become a feast for the imagination. Of particular note are the Orphic Memory Sausage events, where attendees are invited to bring a memento that will be ground into a sausage-filling mix of memories, stuffed into an intestine casing and sent home as a souvenir. Let’s hope there aren’t any taste testings.

Umami takes place at Roulette at 20 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand). Click here for a schedule of events.

Cloudy morning got you feeling bloody glum? Not to worry, chap! Cheer up with a hearty dose of … um, heart. Tartan Week, Scotland’s tourism promotion, arrives to bag-piping fanfare, bringing with it a street cart dishing out free haggis to daring diners. What’s haggis, you ask? A sausage-like dish not for the faint of “heart”:

There are many recipes, most of which have in common the following ingredients: sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.

Sounds pretty offal.

The “Eat Like a Scot” free haggis cart is operating Friday, April 4th & Saturday, April 5th, 11am-5pm at the corner of 52nd Street & Broadway.

Mansion, the new megalounge (read: bottle service heaven) filling the old Crobar space, hopes to add a touch of class to clubbing with the opening of powerHouse Library, tonight at 10pm. The nightlife impresarios behind the venture teamed up with ubercoolisch publishers powerHouse books to create a literary haven from the throbbing beats below. So snag a copy of Bright Lights, Big City and try to counterbalance all those brain cells you would normally lose in a club like this.

Mansion is located at 530 W. 28th St. (10th & 11th Aves.). Doors open at 10pm. (212.629.9000)

Just a quick heads up that The Orchid Show ends this weekend!

Magic mushrooms, semen-spewing sculpture and Louis Vuitton bags all find a home at the Brooklyn Museum starting this weekend. © MURAKAMI delves into the career and psyche of famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, taking the viewer on a colorful journey from the artist’s beginnings to his epic collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Murakami pioneered the Superflat movement, a school of art based heavily on otaku culture, the often cult-like world of anime and manga, and the Japanese tradition of the wood block print (of which there is also an exhibit). This Saturday is also Target First Saturdays at the museum, offering free admission, programs and even a dance party that runs late into the night. I suggest you  check out the taiko drumming. Get there early for free tickets to the various programs.

I caught this exhibit at the MOCA in LA and it’s incredible. Don’t miss it!

© MURAKAMI opens Saturday, April 5th. Click here for tickets and directions.

With crocuses poking up and green buds dotting long dormant trees, Spring is the perfect season to reacquaint yourself with the nooks and crannies of Central Park. This Saturday, explore the less traversed realms of CP with the Central Park Conservancy‘s Manhattan Adirondacks tour. Meander for an hour through the North Woods as a guide describes how the park’s architects, Olmstead and Vaux, designed this section of the park with the same topography and flora as New York’s mountainous region. So get out and smell the fresh air.

Free. Saturday, March 29th at 10am. Call 212-860-1370 for directions.