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On Hiatus

Since I have been spending less and less time in New York City, trading it for often quite different environs, New Dork City is on hiatus for the time being. Hopefully, we’ll get picked up in a future season.

In the meantime, check out my new blog, featuring my musings as I shun reality and take of on a thousand and one adventures:  www.escapefromreallife.com


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Think you can work it, girl?! You ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen these fabulous divas work the ball circuit runways in the cult favorite Paris Is Burning. Director Jennie Livingston delved into the 1991 NYC underground that brought us the infamous dance craze, voguing. The at once raw and exhilarating look at drag culture in Harlem in the age of AIDS is a window into a world of conflicted emotions, familial bonds and fabulosity. It’s a classic, and it’s playing tomorrow at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas as part of the Chelsea Classics series.

Show starts at 7pm and is $6.50. Chelsea Clearview Cinemas is located on 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue.

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Just a brief shout-out to one of my favorite places in NYC, the Mid-Manhattan Library. The main lending library in the New York Public Library system is slated to sell by 2009. Problem is, the renovations to incorporate the library into the research library (the building abutting Bryant Park, of Ghostbuster‘s fame) isn’t said to be completed until as late as 1914. This means five years without many educational programs and services, not to mention nowhere near my work to get my literary fix! So start borrowing, New York. Your time is limited.

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Get tha hell outta Manhattan for some Brooklyn chow, yo! Starting Monday, the 24th, Dine in Brooklyn stuffs salivating pieholes with a $23.00 3-course prix fixe dinner. It’s the 5th anniversary of the event; this one the biggest ever! Over 175 restaurants throughout the borough are serving up sweet and savory edibles for you to indulge in. Perennial favorites include applewood and Blue Ribbon Sushi, but these prices are an excuse for trying something new and wild.

Book early (now) for the best dates and times.

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Drag Queen Puppet Bingo!

You read correctly. Drag. Queen. Puppet. Bingo.

The mere stringing of those four words together supersedes anything I could possibly write, really. For a good — no GREAT — time, head to View Bar on Friday nights from 7:30-10pm for the most hilarious start to an evening a gal could ask for. No cover, no hassle and decently priced drinks make DQPB a must-do during a night of Chelsea gallivanting.

Every Friday from 7:30-10pm at View Bar, 232 Eighth Avenue at 22nd Street.

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No reason to lament the loss of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (especially because its departure thins out the tourists). The Electric Fountain is here! Indulging my primitive instinctual love of blinking lights, the fountain is composed of 3,390 LED bulbs and 576 feet of neon bulbs, coordinated to bubble up like the fanciest champagne fountain.

The use of light and technology to conjure such an enduring art form subconsciously implies the potential scarcity of water-for-art that our future might belie. The artists even took pains to prove the installation is energy efficient. That said, any social commentary is quickly dispelled by the skaters whirling on the frozen water below. Even in a future of LED fountains, we’d be hard-pressed to give up ice skating.

Electric Fountain is on display through April 4th, 6am to midnight, best viewed at night.

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