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Close your eyes. Relax. Think peaceful thoughts of a blissfully full bank account. Spa Week tiptoes into town in April 14-20, and serenity seekers can find $50 deals on everything from massages to hot stone treatments to facials. Though the even is three weeks away, book early to nab your top treatment choices. Citysearch offers a quick guide to some of the best treatments.


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Hiding from the sensory blast of Koreatown, the peaceful Juvenex Spa is the ultimate antithesis to the party-hungry nightlife of NYC. A relaxing women-only retreat during the day, Juvenex transforms into a couples haven from 7pm to 7am. That’s right: Grab your honey and your bathing suit but leave your worries behind as your indulge in luxurious spa treatments at 3am!

After a miserably disappointing night which included waiting in the pouring rain to see Madonna only to be denied at the club, my boyfriend sought to calm my tears (and get us out of the rain) by suggesting we head to Koreatown for some grub and a scrub. After emerging from Kunjip circa 1:30am reeking of Gal Bi, we found the unassuming entrance to Juvenex. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly scuzzy entrance and the suspect elevator! This is Koreatown, where surprisingly opulent bars and eateries hide on each ascending floor. We stepped out of the lift and into a little corner of couples heaven.

We opted for the jade journey,the most popular and cheapest option, giving spa-goers free reign over the facilities for 90 minutes at $65 pp. The spa includes three soaking pools infused with naturals such as lemon and rose, an herbal steam sauna, an ice-cold shower, baked clay, a low-intensity sauna and the pièce de résistance, a jade igloo sauna hailed for its restorative powers. Add a massage or other service to prolong your visit (at an additional cost, of course).

What better way to head to bed than after a night at the spa? Then again, this romantic evening might encourage some more “strenuous” behavior later on. *wink*

Juvenex is located at 25 West 32nd Street, 5th floor. 646-733-1330.

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Simmering in steaming water like a tasty morsel bathing in a shabu shabu pot, spa-goers seem immune to the frigid air and snow frosted lounge chairs. Welcome to InSpa World, a water-filled wonder world of saunas, scrubs, massages and Koreans. Yes, Koreans. Located in College Point Queens, this mega-spa is a Korean haven stuff with 5 floors of jacuzzis, soaking pools … there’s even a Korean BBQ restaurant on the top floor.

Best part — it’s only $30 to use all of the facilities! Usually, use of the outdoor pools means $20, but a seemingly never-ending special allows their use for free. Indoors find seven specially-themed sauna rooms, including the LED sauna room for color-therapy, the Gold sauna room plated with real gold and Salt sauna room with blocks of pure salt from the Himalayas. The indoor pool area is separated by sex and visitors must wear the spa uniform while using the facilities.

I can’t help but thinking that InSpa World is like the Disneyworld version of a Japanese onsen. And apparently it harbors some of the same issues as an amusement park, getting very crowded and noisy on the weekends. But if you’re looking for peace and you got the dough for a more ambient spa, why would you make the journey out to Queens in the first place?

InSpa World is located way the hell out in Queens. Click here for directions. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit as it is required in some of the pools and saunas.

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