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After countless hours — well, minutes — scouring that great big World Wide Web of ours, I failed in my mission to find even the most meager information about this year’s LepreCON. The kelly green incarnation of the incredibly fun frolic SantaCON, LepreCON attendees don the garb of those wee little folk to cause their own variety of mischief (of the drunken variety) around the streets of NYC. Watch this space for updates if I can track down info! Also, if you happen to be an insider in the Irish Mafia and have the details, please hit me up.

All that aside, I do have the scoop on the afterparty. This Saturday, M1-5 will play host to “Party Like It’s Paddy’s Day on a Saturday.” Featuring a slew of rousing bands — especially Whiskey and Whores, who performed at SantaCON this year — the party will definitely inspire some jigs. So grab a jug and a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” button; just don’t turn green at night’s end.

Whiskey and Whores
The Leper Connollys
DJ O’Douggiestyle
LepreGoGoGirls Jiggin
LeprePorn Playin
LepreCON End party

M1-5 is located at 52 Walker St between Church and Broadway. 800pm-4am. Admission is $15 at the door, $10 with costume. Drink specials all night.


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