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Isn’t Deitch just a little New Dork City darling. With cool events like tonight’s public viewing of Icelandic warbler’s Björk’s new 3-D video, Wanderlust, how could I not be a fan?!

Shout out to my super-cool friend Saisha for tipping me off to this screening, which takes place one-night-only (TONIGHT!) from 7-9pm at the Deitch Studios out in Long Island City. Just reading the description has me questioning my sobriety. From Gothamist:

The new video for Bjork’s song Wanderlust premiered last night at Deitch Studios in Long Island City; it features Bjork surfing down a river winding through a Himalayan landscape on the back of some kind of woolly water buffalo, while a clay doppelganger bursts from her backpack to grapple with her and a quasi-Tibetan demon coaxes her toward the edge of a waterfall. Then things get really far out.

Apparently, the 3D version was on the fritz last night at the premiere but promises have been made for all errors to be remedied for tonight.

Click here for info on Deitch Studios.


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A quick note to say Goldfrapp tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am for the April 29th show at the Beacon Theater. Presale tickets are up now, and a little birdy told me the venue password was hetree (all caps). Goldfrapp’s ethereal melodies transport listeners to a world reverberating with lush vocals and beautifully-layered instrumentals. This concert will be good as gold.

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Steve Bug time and again has brought some of the most cutting edge and boogilicious dance grooves to whatever dancefloor he graces, and this should be no exception. For the past two years, he’s tweaked and tested his WMC-worthy chunes at Cielo, one of the best lil clubs in NYC. He does it again on Thursday, March 20th.

Bug joined the DJing masses back in 2001 and has since birthed two record labels, the latest Poker Flats Recordings. He infuses his minimal techno/tech-house stylings with a funky-edge so infectious you’ll be suffering from dance fever before you know it.

This is one bug you’ll want to catch.

Nab pre-sale tickets to save some dough, and wait time, at the door. $15 plus fees. Also available at Rebel Rebel and Other Music, if you’d like to purchase them in person.

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Faux fur, faux-mo .. but Faux Punk???

Possibly the world’s first space-robot-electronic-French-Kanye-co-producing cover band (well, “DJ”s), Faux Punk capitalizes on the rave-tastic popularity of Gallic electronica duo Daft Punk to offer you the awesome music without a nauseas price tag. Unfortunately, if you are looking for Coney Island circa last summer, you aren’t going to find it here. But for a lot less than the long subway ride and a $30 mark-up, you’ll find a pumping night of four-four beats. I’m not sure how I feel about duos/bands that cover what are essentially DJs/producers. Probably not good. But if you go into it with a smile and up for something different, the output will be bien.

Faux Punk performs Friday, March 7th and the Williansburg Music Hall. Check out Ticketmaster for tickets (I know … fee, WTF!?!?!). Music hall directions and info here.

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Museums have officially fallen off the wagon. A glut of museum-hosted shindigs throw down nearly every weekend. Not that I’m complaining: Most art looks even better with a nice buzz on.

This Friday, the Guggenheim hosts its sporadic First Fridays fete, with The Juan Maclean rocking the decks. This edition is extra special because Cai Guo-Qiang‘s jaw-dropping installation in the Gugg’s rotunda suspends seven full-sized vehicles at different points from floor to very-tall ceiling. Multi-colored LED-filled tubes burst from the cars like fireworks that never rain down on the heads of patrons below. Talk about an awesome party venue.

Party runs from 9pm-1am. $25 admission but free for Guggenheim members. This particular event has limited capacity do to the exhibit. Line up early; it’s sure to sell out.

Directions and other info found here.

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