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While I covered this exhibit in my post on the Guggenheim’s last Art After Dark, I finally was able to catch this exhibit myself yesterday. DO NOT MISS IT! The Gugg’s audio tour makes the art extremely accessible and the execution is mesmerizing. Since word has obviously gotten out about the exhibit, try to go very early in the day or on a weekday if possible; the lines were atrocious yesterday afternoon. Better yet, grab a friend with a membership or a corporate ID to skip the mayhem.

Cai Guo Qiang’s “I Want to Believe” runs through May 28.


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Umami, often referred to as the fifth taste, defies description, confuddles taste buds and often casts off convention in a variety of meals. Aptly, the taste bestows its name to a new festival starting this week in New York, the Umami Festival. Starting tomorrow and lasting through April 18th, Umami: Food and Art tries to capture that hard to define space between the gastronomic and the aesthetic, where the things we consume become a feast for the imagination. Of particular note are the Orphic Memory Sausage events, where attendees are invited to bring a memento that will be ground into a sausage-filling mix of memories, stuffed into an intestine casing and sent home as a souvenir. Let’s hope there aren’t any taste testings.

Umami takes place at Roulette at 20 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand). Click here for a schedule of events.

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Magic mushrooms, semen-spewing sculpture and Louis Vuitton bags all find a home at the Brooklyn Museum starting this weekend. © MURAKAMI delves into the career and psyche of famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, taking the viewer on a colorful journey from the artist’s beginnings to his epic collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Murakami pioneered the Superflat movement, a school of art based heavily on otaku culture, the often cult-like world of anime and manga, and the Japanese tradition of the wood block print (of which there is also an exhibit). This Saturday is also Target First Saturdays at the museum, offering free admission, programs and even a dance party that runs late into the night. I suggest you  check out the taiko drumming. Get there early for free tickets to the various programs.

I caught this exhibit at the MOCA in LA and it’s incredible. Don’t miss it!

© MURAKAMI opens Saturday, April 5th. Click here for tickets and directions.

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So much art, so little time! Eight international art fairs — including the world famous Armory Art Show — and countless other small shows, auctions and gallery exhibits explode onto the scene with the latest and greatest from the art world.

The plethora of parties and paintings could just make you want to scream. Fear not, patrons! Our friends at Artlog put together this handy-dandy guide that will have your friends thinking you’ve got an MFA hidden up your sleeve. Check out the happenings section for super discounts and in-the-know offers for VIP sneak previews and afterparties. The Bridge Art Fair Opening Party and the Diva Block Party (both tomorrow night) sound especially tantalizing.

Just a reminder: Some of the greatest (and most affordable) art you’ll find this weekend will be in the smaller galleries speckled throughout the city. One such show is “Body Shop” put on by Mezze. The show features figurative works by Kiran Chandra, Debasish Manna, Grace Yung Ting Teng and Baseem Rayyes, and the price range prove quite comfortable for the first time investor. Check out “Body Shop” at Karin Kohlberg Studio (3 West 30th St., Suite 4) on Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm.

See you there, daaaaaahlings.

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Blackouts are the new black this weekend. As part of the art fair extravaganza descending on NYC, Dark Fair offers a dimly lit alternative to the blinding fluorescents and carefully positioned spots over at the Armory and elsewhere. Rather than natural or artificial light, artists will use alternative light forms — gas lamps, candles, battery, etc. — to illuminate their work. Some pieces will even be self-illuminated. From the press release:

Visitors will be able to get lost in the work and each other in new ways in this cavernous underworld of exchange, featuring shadowy bar booths, chill-out zones, flashlights and headlamps.

And because rave toys go best with music, DJs will provide a soundtrack to your evening. Dope.

Dark Fair takes place March 28th from 6pm-midnight and March 29th from noon-midnight at the Swiss Institute, located at 495 Broadway, 3rd Floor (at Broome). 212.925.2035.

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Isn’t Deitch just a little New Dork City darling. With cool events like tonight’s public viewing of Icelandic warbler’s Björk’s new 3-D video, Wanderlust, how could I not be a fan?!

Shout out to my super-cool friend Saisha for tipping me off to this screening, which takes place one-night-only (TONIGHT!) from 7-9pm at the Deitch Studios out in Long Island City. Just reading the description has me questioning my sobriety. From Gothamist:

The new video for Bjork’s song Wanderlust premiered last night at Deitch Studios in Long Island City; it features Bjork surfing down a river winding through a Himalayan landscape on the back of some kind of woolly water buffalo, while a clay doppelganger bursts from her backpack to grapple with her and a quasi-Tibetan demon coaxes her toward the edge of a waterfall. Then things get really far out.

Apparently, the 3D version was on the fritz last night at the premiere but promises have been made for all errors to be remedied for tonight.

Click here for info on Deitch Studios.

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Nothing gets this dork going more than Asian contemporary art. Well, there’s a few other things, but a great contemporary Japanese piece can easily get me all a-twitter. I nearly died and went to heaven at the Asian Contemporary Art Fair late last year (image above is by artist Asa Go, featured at the fair). Imagine my delight when I found out about Asian Contemporary Art Week, a whole week — and a bit beyond — dedicated to Asia’s up and coming talents.

Spread across galleries and museums across the city, the ACAW packs lectures, exhibits, openings and more into the short time between March 15 and the 24th. Of special note is a curatorial walk-through of Cai Guo-Qiang’s Guggenheim exhibit on Tuesday, March 18th at 4pm.

Click here for schedule of events.

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